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Etusivu - Westwheel
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Takuu 12 kk Reilu asiakaspalvelu (ark. 12-18) Ilmainen nopea toimitus 14 päivän palautusoikeus


Order now for a magnificent price of 269 €


Why should I go with WestWheel?


15 km/h

WestWheel – self balancing scooters travel with a speed up to 15 km/h (which is equivalent to 9.5mph), which makes you get faster to where ever your going.

Top speed 15 km/h

35° Angle

Our top quality engines help you get up the hills, without walking of course. Choose WestWheel when you want to go freely, where ever the day takes you.

Climbing angle up to 35 degrees!

Even for the bigger ones

Our top notch velocity and durable build help you go where you need to go, even for a huskier buddy. Our balance scooters are made for everyone.

Max weight 150 kg

One year guarantee

We love our brand. And we love our customers. That’s why we are willing to give all our West Wheel self balancing scooters a nice guarantee of 12 months!

12 months guarantee!

Self Balancing Scooter – West Wheel

Make your day spectacular with WestWheel. Enjoy a new way to move and travel – the WestWheel way. Fold the convenience of your daily trips, or go out to spend some time with friends – WestWheel is always your summer day saviour. Our powerful yet practical self balancing scooters are suitable for almost all ages and sizes – for every occasion.

We have been looking for possible parts of the world, as well as the highest quality materials to meet your best means of transport just for you. We use the Samsung batteries do not coagulate even after prolonged day, as well as state of the art tuned engine does not clot the steepest hill. West Wheel balance scooters are the absolute best in the market and, therefore, suitable for all ages and sizes.


What kind of balance scooter?

The self balancing scooter boom began with Segway’s two-wheeled perfectly balanced vehicle, which resulted in a wide range of electric self balanced scooters. Even though balance scooters are already beloved all around the world, we here at WestWheel aim to make them even better and more special.

Today, modern hoverboards are a convenient way to travel longer distances, because the batteries have evolved a considerable amount as well as the electric engines, that balance scooters use. We are convinced, that WestWheel will be a game changer.


How does the WestWheel hoverboard work?

Our scooters have 2 separate motors that transmit power to the wheels. You go forward by leaning forward and backwards when leaning backwards. The device stops very quickly when braking and turning is possible even at a standstill.

People of all ages learn to drive WestWheel easily and quickly. A safe and pleasant WestWheel experience takes only about 30 minutes to master. You should practice in a quiet and easy area though, so that you learn to trust your WestWheel balance scooter.